Disaster Recovery Plan to the Rescue

September 1, 2018 / GuidesFor Team

Business disruptions can be quite a headache especially when the company has no disaster recovery and business continuity plan. Because natural calamities can be quite unpredictable and cybercrime has been very rampant recently, we could just assume that our security is always in a challenging position. Unless of course, we take action to mitigate both the known and unknown risks.And this is why a disaster recovery plan is important. CSO suggests that “a good first step is a business impact analysis (BIA). This will identify the business’s most crucial systems and processes and the effect an outage would have on the business.” Having a plan on how your business process can recover from a certain kind of disruption will best prepare you for the worst-case scenarios.Now read this article and learn more about how disaster recovery can be best implemented in this day. – Gail Limpin

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